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Group history

The Mossi Ghisolfi Group was founded in 1953 in Tortona (Alessandria, Italy) by Vittorio Ghisolfi. From the outset, the company has dealt with the production of plastic packaging material. 

As the first company to introduce PET in Italy and across Europe, Mossi Ghisolfi has remained on the cutting edge of the development of this material, which has become an irreplaceable part of food packaging. 

The company's evolution has been characterised by strong growth in markets around the world in the plastics and polyester sectors, and it has become one of the global leaders in the PET field. Over the past 10 years, the group's production volume has almost tripled, rising from 600,000 to 1.7 million tonnes of PET per year.

In an awareness of the importance of identifying new and effective alternatives with a view to overcoming the problems posed by chemical products derived from oil, in 2006 the group launched a series of research projects that gave rise to a revolutionary technology, Proesa®, which makes it possible to obtain biofuels and other chemical compounds from non-food-chain crops. At present, Proesa® is the only technology in the world that is able to produce second-generation bioethanol on an industrial scale.

At the same time, the M&G Group has reinforced its international presence in the design and production of industrial plants for the manufacture of chemical compounds derived both from oil and from non-food biomass.

The milestones in the development of the group can be summarised as follows:

  • Start of industrial production at the plant in Crescentino (Vercelli), the first in the world based on Proesa® technology
  • Start of construction of the plant in Corpus Christi (Texas), which is today the world's largest facility for the manufacture of PET and PTA.

  • Novozymes enters the shareholding group of Beta Renewables
  • Purchase of the site in Corpus Christi
  • Signing of new contracts for the construction of plants in Brazil and the USA, which will use Proesa® technology
  • Constitution of Beta Renewables, in partnership with TPG (Texas Pacific Group)
  • Start of construction of the plant in Crescentino

  • Construction of a pilot plant in Rivalta Scrivia (Alessandria) where Proesa® technology is developed 

  • Construction in Suape (Brazil) of what is, at the time, the world's largest industrial plant for the production of PET

  • Start of research and development in the Chemtex laboratories, which will lead to the creation of Proesa® 

  • Acquisition of Chemtex from Mitsubishi Corporation, which had originally acquired it from Rayon Consultants in 1947

  • Construction in Altamira (Mexico) of what is, at the time, the largest PET production plant in the world

  • Acquisition of the Rhodia PET operations in Brazil 

  • Acquisition of Shell's global PET business, with plants in Italy, Mexico and the United States

  • Construction of one of the largest PET production plants, in Anagni
  • Constitution of a joint venture with Shell for the production of PET and with Marubeni for the production of PET and preforms for PepsiCo in Europe

  • Vittorio Ghisolfi founds the Mossi & Ghisolfi company in Tortona (Alessandria).