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Group profile

The Mossi Ghisolfi Group is controlled by M&G Finanziaria, which is owned by the Ghisolfi family.

The group's activities are sub-divided into the following businesses:
  • PET, its raw materials, and engineering relating to plants for these products: it is in this area that the companies controlled by M&G Chemicals operate in the Americas and Asia, including Chemtex. Chemtex specialises in the design and construction of plants for the production of chemical compounds;
  • Biofuels, chemical products derived from non-food biomass and engineering relating to these plants: it is in this area that the Biochemtex, Beta Renewables, Biochemtex Agro and IBP companies operate. The operations on renewables are carried out for the most part in Italy.
  • Polyester fibre: this business operates exclusively in Brazil;
  • Polimeri Italia - European PET resin production industry, including production of biodegradable polymers: plant located in Patrica (Italy).