Biochemtex, previously known as Chemtex Italia, is a global leader in the development and engineering of bio-chemical technologies and processes based exclusively on the use of non-food biomass, as an alternative to fossil resources such as oil. 

In partnership with Beta Renewables – of which it is the major shareholder, alongside other shareholders including the US-based private-equity fund TPG and Novozymes, a leading Danish company in the field of bio-innovation – Biochemtex has created technologies and plants for the production of bio-ethanol and other chemical products.

Following an investment of €150 million and seven years of study, the company completed the design of Proesa®, an exclusive technological platform now marketed by Beta Renewables.
Proesa® makes it possible to obtain biofuels and numerous chemical intermediates, and has been implemented on an industrial scale in the plant at Crescentino (Vercelli), the world's first plant for the production of second-generation bioethanol.

Biochemtex is also developing the new MOGHI technology for the conservation of lignin in bio-naphtha and aromatic compounds, which are widely used in numerous industrial sectors.

The company, part of the Mossi Ghisolfi Group, is based in Tortona (Alessandria) and has two Research Centres in Rivalta Scrivia (Alessandria) and Modugno (Bari), where the demonstration system for MOGHI technology will be completed by 2014.