Guido Ghisolfi has passed away

Tortona, Italy -  4 March 2015

Guido Ghisolfi, 58 years, vice-president and a managing director of the Mossi & Ghisolfi Group has passed away. He was suffering from severe depression and yesterday this resulted in his untimely passing close to his home in Tortona, Northern Italy.

The family and the Mossi & Ghisolfi Group management wish to express their immense and deep regret.

Guido Ghisolfi was a rare Italian entrepreneur with great skills, perseverance and intuition. He was able - together with his father Vittorio and his brother Marco - to lead the Group to become a global organization.
The Mossi & Ghisolfi Group today is one of the global leaders in the field of plastics and in the field of chemicals derived from renewable sources, in the last of which, in particular, Guido Ghisolfi showed outstanding inspiration, courage and dedication.
About Gruppo Mossi Ghisolfi

The Mossi Ghisolfi Group is a leading name in the application of innovation to the sectors of PET, engineering and renewable chemical products derived from non-food biomass.The key elements of its success lie in its understanding of the actual requirements of the user, in its strong technological integration, and in its knowledge of those aspects relating to technical design and to agile, rapid decision-making processes.The group operates in the USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe. In 2013, the group posted a turnover of more than Euro 2 billion, and it currently has 1,800 employees.
No other company in the sector has all of the skill sets and resources required to conceive, design and execute the entire production cycle of a chemical substance, encompassing research and development, engineering, plant design and large-scale industrial manufacturing.



Beverage Packaging Innovation recently had the opportunity to speak with Mario Barbieri, executive director of supply chain and upstream integration at PET resin supplier M&G Chemicals.
The subject of the discussion was the upcoming development of the company’s groundbreaking Corpus Christi manufacturing site in Texas, which will be a game-changer for PET manufacture.
Fundraising in Guido’s memory
Everyone is invited to donate, it’s an open initiative for all who loved Guido.
Guido Ghisolfi has passed away
A very severe depression caused his untimely passing
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