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The web site www.grouppomg.com (hereafter "the site"), property of M&G Finanziaria s.r.l. (hereafter "we", "us"), uses cookies.

Cookies are short text strings that the site saves within your browser when you access the web site itself. These strings, which do not contain any executable code and therefore can not contain malware, are used for various purposes, such as: track the browsing sessions, store information to improve the navigability of the site, maintain the navigation settings chosen by the user (such as the language choice) and keep track of actions taken by the web site users. We advice you that the site can save in your browser one or more cookies, depending on the actions performed on the site. Some of the cookies that can be saved are not derived directly from us, but by third parties who save their cookies through this site. More information can be found below in this policy.

According to the Italian data protection authority's general measure (3 June 2014 GU n. 126) there are two kind of cookies:

  • Functional Cookie - They are used for the purposes of transmit a communication, complete a service the user have requested or conduct statistical researches;
  • Profiling Cookie - They are used to record the behavior of a user and the preferences shown by him in order to send advertising messages in line with his profile.


First party Cookies

Set out below are the descriptions of all the cookies that the site uses and processes directly.


Functional Cookies:

Name Purpose Duration


This cookie allows the proper operativity of the web site. It is intended to track the browsing session. Session


Profiling Cookies:

The site does not use any First Party profiling cookies


This site uses the following third parties Cookies:

The following table shows the different types of cookies that are installed from the site but that come from third parties. The following table, in addition to the category and the purpose for which these cookies are used, presents the links to the third parties Privacy Policies where you can get detailed information about the cookies used and you can withhold consent to their use.


Category Owner Purpose Policy
Analytics Google Google Analytics is a web analysis tool which allows to collect information on the navigation on the site (such as, for example, pages visited, time spent on the site, the way in which the site has been reached from search engines and what the user has clicked while on the site). These information are collected in an anonymous form and have the purpose to detect the tendencies on the web. http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/


How to disable cookies?

Usually browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. However, they allow you to control and disable cookies through their settings. We remind you that disabling functional cookies can cause malfunctions on the navigation of the site and/or limit the service we offer. We list below the procedures that should be made to control cookies in most popular browsers:


Launch the Chrome Browser

Click the menu in the browser tool bar

Select Settings

Click Show advanced settings

In the “Privacy” section click the button “Content settings

In the “Cookie” section is possible to modify the following settings on cookies:

  • Allow local data to be set

  • Keep local data only until you quit your browser

  • Block site from setting any data

  • Block third-party cookie and site data

  • Manage exceptions

  • Show all cookies and site data

For more information visit the specific page: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en


Mozilla Firefox

Launch the Mozilla Firefox Browser 

Click the menu in the browser tool bar

Select Options

Select the Privacy panel

Click Show advanced settings

In the “Privacy” section click the “Content settings“ button

In the “Tracking” section is possible to modify the following settings on cookies:

  • Ask to the sites to not track

  • Tell to the sites the availability to be track

  • Do not communicate any preference on the tracking

From the “History” section is possible to:

  • Accept to receive third parties cookie and to keep them for a foreseen time

  • Delete single cookies

For more information visit the specific page: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences


Internet Explorer

Launch the Internet Explorer Browser 

Click the Tools button and chose Internet Option

Click the Privacy tab and in the settings section is possible to:

  • Block all the cookies

  • Allow all the cookies

  • Select some site which are allowed to use cookies

For more information visit the specific page: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11



Launch the Safari Browser 

Click on Safari, select Preferences and click Privacy

In the section Block Cookie specify how Safari must allow cookies from the web sites.

To see which sites have installed cookies click Details

For more information visit the specific page: http://support.apple.com/kb/ph11913

For information on how to manage and delete cookies on your tablet and/or mobile phone, please consult the "Help" section of the browser that you use